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It all started when I had the ground-breaking, earth-shattering, life altering idea to take everything I have learned over the last 13 years of marketing knowledge, design skills, and social selling to help women, brands, and fellow badass creatives STEP INTO THEIR POWER.

When you partner with me, you get access to ALL of my knowledge, coaching, the systems to promote the products you love to create a successful online business.

The Luxe Squad is a space for women, like you, to find their purpose and become the MAIN CHARCTER in their life while making their own additional income.

re-writing your story has never been easier

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learn from the best on how to build confidence and use the power of your individual authenticity

start living the life of your dreams and living it to the fullest by becoming the main character of your story

break away from the 8-5 grind and start making money while gaining more freedom



Jump start your business with a product starter kit providing you with samples of the products, guide books, and information on how to start your business! Every new partner gets one!

It's only $19.99 to join, the ONLY fee we ever pay to get your kit jam-packed with samples to get you started with the OPTION to add on kits within 30 days of joining!


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Unlock 50 % commission + discount on personal purchases of lifestyle products

Gain more confidence in yourself, your purpose, and your business with my 14 years of experience in the industry

Start your journey to financial and time freedom and learn to earn $750+ monthly

your next chapter is going to be amazing!

The Process & how i work with you




I plug you into the resources to launch your new business and walk you through each step of the process 

I mentor you and show you exactly how to manage your new business and growing it to meet your goals

You sign up, choose your starter kit option, and initiate your lifestyle influencer business

You partner with me.

Strategy & Systems

Your main character era.

main character era?

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Holiday TBR

An experienced digital entrepreneur with a passion for re-writing life stories teaching you how to change the narrative & re-write your story by monetizing your social media and becoming a digital entrepreneur.

I'm Jasmine Queen